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'Community Computer Recycle' Scheme

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Students taking on greater management role

The following is a description of the task of giving away a computer from a student's point of view.

"Wednesday the 19th I gave a computer away to a person. The process that I had to take to give this computer away was. Firstly I had been given the name of a person that would greatly benefit from having a computer at home. After I was given the name I met with this person and organised for a time that they could come in and check the computer out. I showed them all that they needed to know about the computer, like showing them the differences between windows and the operating system that we loaded on to the computer (linux), I show them the basics of the computer like opening a wordprocessor document, saving documents, loading documents. Then we organised a time that they could take the computer home. I felt really good after they took the computer home and deep down I felt that they greatly appreciated being given a computer"


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