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'Community Computer Recycle' Scheme

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Seventh computer given away.

The "Community Computer Recycling" program has given away seven computers in the short time that it has been operating. The recycling program is operated by the Computer Technician class. The recycling of the computers gives them lots of hands on experience with building computers and installing software. The experience that they get is authentic and the product that they produce is of practical use to our community.

We conducted two handovers this week.

The recipients of the computers said that the students

  • Were very thorough and well prepared.
  • Worked well as a team
  • Were knowledgeable
  • Customized the training to meet their needs
The students said that
  • It was easier than they thought
  • It is easier the second time
  • Preparation was important
  • It was good fun
  • If makes them feel proud

Well done Computer Technician students.

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